A call for proposals from Barbur

Dear friends,

These days, along with returning to normal day to day operation, we have started the process to request permanent space allocation for Barbur, and for this we call you to join “Barbur community”: Nachlaot, city center, the market area and other neighboring areas residents are invited to come to the gallery in person (as a real written signature is required), and join the list. The more people the better!

Come visit us Mondays to Thursdays between 4pm and 8pm, and on Fridays between 11am and 2pm.

And whoever wants to kickstart some project or activity at Barbur, or to join an existing activity, is invited to contact us by replying to this email, or on Facebook.

Sunday February 08th 2015, 9:46 am

Can art make a difference?

A conversation between Hadas and Gideon Ophrat on art as a medium for social change, at Hadas Ophrat’s exhibition “Alliance.”

Some pictures from the opening last Friday:


The event on facebook:


Sunday February 08th 2015, 9:42 am

Barbur is reopening, with new exhibition

After six months of relentless public campaign for continued existence of the gallery, and a four-month involuntary break, we are pleased to announce the return to full activity

The festive re-opening will take place on

Friday 30.01
at 12:00

with the the opening of the new exhibition


Solo exhibition by Hadas Ophrat

Monday January 26th 2015, 6:53 pm

Wire-tapping: Special radio event

Wednesday 03.12
at 19:00

* * * * * * *
The event will take place at Hamazkeka, 3 Shushan street

The public is invited

* * * * * * *

Experimental communities

About the politics of musical ensembles, between voices and instruments, audience and performers.

How artistic models and social utopies interact.

Sitting in circle:

Avner Amit, Tal Avraham, Chanan Ben Simon, Tomer Damsky, Noa Haran, Yifeat Ziv, Nitai Levi, Ayelet Lerman, Orr Sinai, Lars Sergel, Faye Shapiro and special surprise guests

You can listen to the recording of the previous programme, VOICE (NO) BODY, here:


The event on facebook:


Monday December 01st 2014, 4:27 pm

City center residents conference

Monday 01.12
19:00 - 22:00

At Experimental school at 7 Rabbi Akiva street, city center.

Many residents will participate in the conference, as well as municipality representatives, and various organizations. Everybody will have a possibility to raise issues for discussion and propose initiatives in various fields.

The conference is an excellent platform to create partnerships and new initiatives in any field relevant to the city center. Minhal Kehilati team will follow every initiative that will be backed by activists committed to the issue.

Saturday November 29th 2014, 2:46 am

Meeting with the management of the Minhal Kehilati Lev HaIr

On Monday, 24.11 there was a meeting with the management of the Minhal Kehilati Lev HaIr and Barbur supporters community. Around 70 people came to support the gallery — city center residents, artists and culture activists.

The meeting was very important and really exciting. Many thanks to all who came on a rainy and cold evening to the meeting, and also to everyone who called, wrote, and supported from a distance!

Lev’s management has not yet made the final decision about the common future with Barbur (their meeting will be held on Tuesday), but we hope that the idea of closing the gallery was dropped and the gallery will return to full activity immediately after the renovation of the kindergarten at the beginning of January.

Updates to follow

Tuesday November 25th 2014, 4:08 pm

Barbur needs your help

Help Barbur - “Lev HaIr” management meeting to decide whether the gallery will be closed permanently,
Monday, 24.11, 19:00 - the public presence is important!!!

To all friends and supporters of Barbur Gallery, greetings.

As most of you know, the gallery operation is suspended from 22.08, following a temporary use of the gallery space by the local kindergarten.

In a few days, on the next Monday, 24.11, at 7 p.m., the management of Lev HaIr will hold a meeting to decide whether from their perspective there is a justification to keep Barbur operation, or the gallery will be closed forever. The first hour of the discussion (19:00 - 20:00) will be open to the public, and anybody who thinks it important that Barbur will keep working, especially those who live in the city center and Nachlaot, are invited to participate in the meeting, and express their position to the management members.

The meeting will take place at the Lev Hair community center hall, 43 Ohel Moshe street.

Your support is very important to us.
Best wishes,

Avi, Denis, Yanai, Faye, and Masha

Wednesday November 19th 2014, 7:04 pm


Wednesday, 05.11,20:00

Tuesday November 04th 2014, 1:16 am

Hadas Ophrat: Dark Room

Hadas Ophrat: Dark Room

Performance event at Barbur Gallery yard

Thursday, Oct 23, 19:00 - 22:00

Hadas Ophrat’s exhibition “Alliance”, which was about to open at Barbur Gallery, was delayed because of the temporary and disappointing closure of the gallery. The new opening date has not been determined yet.

The event is part of the “Manofim - exhibition openings season”


Barbur Gallery is closed

Information by email mashaya@gmail.com and at:

Wednesday October 22nd 2014, 3:35 pm

Barbur is hosted by Beita

מוזמנים לביתא פתוח מחר- פותחים את השנה בערב מלא גילויי אמנות, חברה ועיר.

הפעם מתכנסים בביתא אורחים שונים במיקוד על מרכז עיר -

ממסלולי היום-יום של ירושלמים מקומיים בשוק מחנה יהודה אשר משולבים בסיור האמן של מרב סבירסקי, דרך יצירת תחנות סימבוליות במרחב מרכז העיר שבין ארץ לשמים בסיור אמן של חיה רוקין.

הכתה הפתוחה תיגע ביצירת עיר בהקרנה קצרה של ‘מטרופוליס’ ובמשחק שולחן ייחודי המקנה תפיסה חדשה של המקום.

ובשיחה אישית עם אחת האמניות שלקחה חלק בשינוי משמעותי של מרכז העיר, מאשה זוסמן, ממיסדות גלריית ברבור. השיחה תתיחס להיסטוריה של גלריית ברבור, למבנה הארגוני שלה, לתערוכות שנוצרו בה ואופן החיבור המיוחד אל שכונת נחלאות לאורך השנים, כמו גם לאירועים האחרונים המצערים שהביאו לסגירה זמנית של הגלריה וסכנה להמשך קיומה.

בתוכנית הערב:

16:30 סיורי אמן בביתא
מרב סבירסקי / אחד בעקבות אחד (בהרשמה מראש 0502867788)
חיה רוקין / artour

18:00 ביתאספר כתה פתוחה בנושא ‘עיר’ בשיתוף הישיבה החילונית / מנחים ענת ליטוין ואריאל לוינסון

20:00 במת שכנים / ביתא מארח את מאשה זוסמן, אמנית וממייסדי גלריית ברבור

לאתר גלריית ברבור: Barbur.org

ולפייסבוק: https://www.facebook.com/barbur.gallery

לינק לכתבה בהארץ על ההתרחשויות האחרונות:

כל הפרטים גם באיוונט בפייסבוק:

מוזמנים לעשות לנו לייק ולעקוב אחרינו:

Tuesday September 30th 2014, 12:09 pm

An article in the Haaretz newspaper on the situation with the gallery


Tuesday September 16th 2014, 8:45 pm

Important announcement from Barbur

To all friends and supporters of Barbur Gallery, greetings.

We would like to update you regarding the dramatic events that happened over the past 3 months in the life of the gallery, that led to stopping the gallery activity 3 weeks ago and opening of a kindergaten in the Barbur space.

At the beginning of June we were informed that in order to find a temporary solution for the neighbourhood day care centre which had to be renovated it was decided by the Lev Ha’ir community centre management to close Barbur and to move the kindergarten children into the gallery building for the duration of the renovations.

Although all of us are aware of the shortage of space in the city centre and of the necessity of finding a secure and suitable place for the children, that the closing down of an active and successful gallery is a problematic solution which is hard to understand. We have tried to persuade the Lev Ha’ir management and the Jerusalem Municipality to find an alternative arrangement which would not affect the operation of Barbur.

Unfortunately, despite wide support in the neighbourhood, the artistic community, municipality representatives, the Jerusalem Foundation, the Ministry of Culture and Sport and some of the Lev Ha’ir management, in the end no alternative solution has been found for the children.

With mediation of the municipality we reluctantly agreed to a compromise whereby the Barbur Gallery would vacate its space on Shirizli Street for a period three months. The Jerusalem Municipality gave its guarantee that after this period the space would be returned to the gallery with a budget for required renovation. During this period, the gallery’s activities would be transferred to municipal shelter 821 on Einayim LeMishpat Street near the gallery and that scheduled exhibitions would be held in another space in the city.

As of today, as we feared, the disruption to the gallery’s activities has been extensive, in fact activity has completely ceased:
- The shelter which was given to Barbur as an alternative space has still not been cleared of material and is in need of renovation in order for us to transfer activities to there.
- Some of the core activities, such as the senior citizens’ drawing workshop, cannot be held in the shelter since it is not accessible to people unable to use the stairs.
- Despite all the efforts of the municipality plastic arts department, no space has been found for scheduled exhibitions, some of which have now been cancelled.

Despite all the above we are doing our best not to lose our optimism and we believe that Barbur Gallery will return to normal activities in the near future and that all the promises made to Barbur will be kept.

Now, more than ever, we need your involvement and support. Anyone who can help us in planning the continuation of Barbur’s activities is invited to respond to this post on facebook:


Wishes for happy and more tolerant new year,
Masha, Avi, Yanai, and Denis

Tuesday September 16th 2014, 8:35 pm

Tournament and gallery talk at the Me, You and the Stick exhibition

24.07 at 19:00

Tournament and gallery talk at the Me, You and the Stick exhibition

The event on facebook:

Tuesday July 22nd 2014, 1:58 am

Zone 5

24.07 at 21:00

Zone 5

Multi-Media Art Series monthly events

Curator: Jc Jones

A state of consciousness where skills match the perceived performance requirements perfectly. Being in the zone implies increased focus and attention which allow for higher levels of performance. Athletes, musicians, and anybody who totally owns a challenge of physical or mental performance can be in the zone.

Middle Eastern double-bassist Hagai Bilitzky invites percussionist Hillel Amsalem and dancer Ella Greenbaum, in a 50-minute evening of classico-oriental music and contemporary ethnic dance.

The event on facebook:

Tuesday July 22nd 2014, 1:08 am


17.07 at 20:30

David Katz - Voice

Elad Bardes - Guitar

Avigail Sfez - Movement

The event on facebook:

Wire-tapping on facebook:


Tuesday July 15th 2014, 6:23 pm

New exhibition opening

Me, You and the Stick

Nir Harel and Ira Shalit

Opening on Wednesday, 02.07.2014, at 7:00pm

Monday June 30th 2014, 2:18 pm

New exhibition opening

Reality Grip

Yonatan Zofi

Curator: Doron Livne

Opening on Thursday, 01.05.2014, at 7:30pm

יונתן צופי מחולל חוויית רישום מיוחדת במינה הוא מגביל את עצמו לחומר-רישום אחד – גרפיט על נייר – ובו הוא מפתח טכניקות ושיטות של עבודה, שמביאות בדרכים רבות ומגוונות את הרישום עד קצה הגבול. הרישומים נעים בין הדף הלבן ובין שכבות עבות של חומר הרישום, וכאן משתמש צופי בתכונה של הגרפיט – החזרת אור, עד שלפעמים נראה משטח הגרפיט כמו ראי. כך הוא פועל בקצוות של טווח הראייה ויוצר קשת רחבה של אימז’ים חידתיים ומרתקים. התבוננות ברישומים של צופי היא אפוא חוויה מיוחדת במינה, הכוללת מעבר בין תמונות של חפצים מוכרים (שרפרף, שולחן קלוע, כרית) על-פי הפירוש הייחודי שהוא נותן להם, ובין העלאה של מראות כגון כביש, עצים בחלון, או ציור אימפרסיוניסטי של מונה לכדי נוכחות חידתית ואף הזויה. צופי מאתגר את המבט שלנו בכל עבודה שלו, וכל אחת מהן מציבה למבט אתגר מסוג אחר. חלל התצוגה בכללו הופך להיות כך מרחב של התבוננות מעמיקה, מגוונת ומרתקת.

Wednesday April 30th 2014, 9:16 am


Friday 18.04
at 13:30


Hannes Lingens (Germany) - Percussion


Avigail Sfez - Body
Elad Bardes - Guitar

The event on facebook:

Wire-tapping on facebook:

Monday April 14th 2014, 9:03 pm


Friday 18.04
at 13:30


Hannes Lingens (Germany) - Percussion


Avigail Sfez - Body
Elad Bardes - Guitar

The event on facebook:

Wire-tapping on facebook:

Wednesday April 09th 2014, 8:46 pm

Film screening

Thursday 03.04
at 20:30

A documentary by Yoav Shamir

The film documents the daily life in dozens of military roadblocks located throughout the West Bank and Gaza and form the first meeting point between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Picture of the effects of the occupation on both sides of the conflict.


Wednesday April 02nd 2014, 2:29 pm

Film screening

Thursday 27.03
at 20:00

The Fading Valley
After the screening will be a talk with the director Irit Gal

The lives and stories of Palestinian farmers living in the fertile region of the Jordan Valley remain hidden from the eye. Their grazing lands have been declared “Firing Zones,” their water wells have been sealed, and water pumps transferring the water to the Jewish settlers in the Valley have been built in their place. “Without water there is no life” is the farmers’ motto. Farming is disappearing; some have given up their farming efforts and have moved to cities in the West Bank, while others have been forced to work as day laborers in the very settlements that have appropriated their lands. Those who refuse to leave their lands and continue to work as farmers have remained with no possible means of survival.

The film before us offers first-hand testimonies of the Jordan Valley farmers who have been deprived of their rights and who have become illegal residents on their own land; they are the members of a diminishing quiet community residing in the lowest valley in the world. Sometimes they are accompanied by Israeli activists who bear witness to their plight.

Watch the movie trailer:

Additional information at our Facebook page:

Director: Irit Gal
Photography: Daniel Gal
Editing: Rabab Haj Yahya
Production Coordinator: Ivonne Mansbach
2013, Arabic - Hebrew. Translation: Hebrew, English

Sunday March 23rd 2014, 12:45 pm

Tomb Womb - Journey Log

Tomb Womb

Journey Log

Documentation of a month of performance at the installation

Installation in memory of Magic who died on March 14, 2013 and in honor of the volcanic explosion that broke the old static crust (Hélène Cixous).

Tomb Womb is a musical piece built from two essential components: Barbur gallery’s space and sixteen voices. Ayelet Lerman has an intimate relationship with Barbur’s space. Partially due to the musical activities that she performed in it, and mainly to its unique acoustics that allows for a range of subtleties and sensitivities of sound. In that sense Ayelet sees the gallery’s space as the inner space of her body. Inside the body, as far as to its most remote corners, echoes the pulse incessantly. Inspired by this non stopping pulse she recorded meditative sessions. Each session was a certain beat with the word Tomb or Womb or both or the silence in between. From the recorded material sonic sketches were built that express their own shape through spreading in the gallery’s space for a certain amount of time via sixteen speakers. For instance, a simple rhythmic structure in four quarters moves as a spiral at the gallery’s space during a minute and a half.

The recordings were made with the inexhaustible courteousness of Lars Sergel.

The event on facebook:




The musical installation has opened last Friday and I was very moved. Now that the Purim holidays are over, I am starting to understand the work and myself in it with a fresh view. It felt wrong to stop working once the piece is actualized and standing. Therefore, I have decided to treat it from today not as a fixed installation, but rather as a live space for artistic activity of myself and of visiting artists. I will be present next to the installation on all the days of its activity (Mon-Thurs from 4pm to 8pm, Fri from 11am to 2pm) until the 11th of April and will continue to pour music into it.

In addition, visiting artists will come to converse with the installation via their art. At the end of each day of activity I’ll share with you what happened and who is to come.

I’m inviting you to take part as visitors at the gallery and as partners to this journey log that this is its first entry.

Hoping for a journey into the unknown ~



Such a heartwarming and intriguing reply! The days of the installation are becoming filled with the presence of visiting artists – following this entry you will find an updating table of the visits.
It seems as though the installation virtually asked for my presence: first day without technical problems in the opening!
I added some music, Masha arrived for the second half of the day, and Israel Eliraz who performed at Wire Tapping in the evening gave me a sea of inspiration to inquire poetic structures, sonnets’ structures especially, into abstract music – interesting what will it yield! Afterwards I got very drunk at the opening of the Mizkaka and that’s why I’m writing to you only this morning…




Beginning of Spring! The Jerusalem Marathon!



Hellos ~
Exciting! The installation days are almost full – seems that there’s something about it that invites it. Tomorrow, Tuseday, the first hosting event will take place: Julia Plastic State (Nitai Levi on Bass Clarinet and Phone, Lars Sergel on Stuff and Computer, and me on Viola and computer) will play with the installation for 4 hours. Also the bestest Humus of Nitai will be to eat.
Today it seemed that the working of the installation has turned it into a sound sculpture – the new piece of music that I’ve added a couple of days ago seemed to be ejaculated by the installation and I reutrned to the original loop. Friends came to visit and eat together – was fun ~



It was interesting and super tasty yesterday! The presence of a permanent element that has to do with the heart beat opened and closed directions in our music. And also playing in darkness is always very stimulating. Before we started I had a philosophical conversation with a visitor so my mind philosophized into the music.
Lars the king took out excerpts from each session – here are the links:



Enjoy ~



Yesterday was calm. Today Faye Shapiro and a part from the Neharot voice group will arrive for 3 hours of vocal work with the installation. Tomb Womb is at the ceiling of the gallery. The voices are at human height. On the floor with a quadrophonic sound system I will sample the voices and play with them. He encounter will move between a monologue, dialogue and a trialogue. From 5:15pm to 7:45pm.

Updated table:



Some of the voice group, Neharot, lead by Faye Shapiro, came to play with the installation – they triggered many associations and as of this moment the witches of Macbeth won’t leave my mind.

Here’s a link to a bit from yesterday:

Today I didn’t come to the installation but I thought about it like this:

I never saw that you did painting need / And therefore to your fair no painting set;
I found, or thought I found, you did exceed / The barren tended of a poet’s debt;
And therefore have I slept in your report,
That you yourself being extant well might show
How far a modern quill doth come too short,
Speaking of worth, — what worth in you doth grow?
This silence for my sin you did impute,
Which shall be most my glory being dumb;
For I impair not beauty being mute,
When others would give life and bring a tomb.
Their lives more life in one of your fair eyes / Than both your poets can in praise devise.
Shakespeare, Sonnet 83
And like this:

who lounged hungry and lonesome through Houston seeking jazz or sex or soup, and followed their brilliant Spaniard to converse about America and Eternity, a hopeless task, and so took ship to Africa,
who disappeared into the volcanoes of Mexico leaving behind nothing but the shadow of dungarees and the lava and ash of poetry scattered in fireplace Chicago,
who reappeared on the West Coast investigating the FBI in beards and shorts with big pacifist eyes sexy in their dark skin passing out incomprehensible leaflets,
who burned cigarette holes in their arms protesting the the narcotic tobacco haze of Capitalism,
who distributed Supercommunist pamphlets in Union Square weeping and undressing while the sirens of Los Alamos wailed them down, and wailed down Wall and the Staten Island ferry also wailed,
who broke down crying in white gymnasiums naked and trembling before the machinery of other skeletons,
who bit detectives on the neck and shrieked with delight in policecars for committing no crime but their own wild cooking pederasty and intoxication,
who howled on their knees in the subway and were dragged off the roof waving genitals and manuscripts,
who let themselves be fucked in the ass by saintly motorcyclists, and screamed with joy,
who blew and were blown by those human seraphim, the sailors, caresses of Atlantic and Caribbean love,
who balled in the morning in the evenings in rosegardens and the grass of public parks and cemeteries scattering their semen freely to whomever come who may,
who hiccuped endlessly trying to giggle but wound up with a sob behind a pertition in a Turkish Bath when the blond & naked angel came to pierce them with a sword,
who lost their loveboys to the three old shrews of fate the one eyed shrew of the heterosexual dollar the one eyed shrew that winks out of the womb and the one eyed shrew that does nothing but sit on her ass and snip the intellectual golden threads of the craftsman’s loom,



It was fascinating yesterday with Shira Green who shot some raw materials to screen insde the installation’s space. At the attached link you’ll find a segment of a short phrase joining a piece of the installation’s sound and a segment of the footage.
Today voice artist, Faye Shapiro will visit from 6pm to 8pm ~




Yesterday Faye came to sing and I played on the computer with her voice(s) ~
Here’s a sample:

Today Avigail Sfez will come to dance for 4 hours at this dark dark space (4pm to 8pm). Every once in a while she’ll use some lighting equipment such as charismas lights or sparklers and sometimes she’ll dance in the dark.



Hard and difficult was at the installation today – it coughed and embarrassed me so that I had to turn it off and on.
Avigail slowly gave in to the darkness and an intimacy was achieved by experiencing her dance in the dark. That moved my attention to the high (too high?) level of intimacy of the installation itself.

Today Masha Zusman will visit for 2 hours from 6pm to paint on a wooden board and live sound will enter for the first and only time into the installation’s veins.

More from Faye’s visit:

Will You Remember Me / Faye Shapiro

If I lay me down to sleep
If my form will vanish, free
(and all my testifiers disappear),
will you remember me?

If I had given all my heart
and left my field wild and unattended
and let your leaves cover my mouth
will that ever change you?



Excuse the delay of this entry: up to the last minute there are changes of what’s about to happen today.
The session with Masha was exciting and Dionysian, hence I chose a long segment of 36 minutes — I’ll be able to upload the lik only tonight at the next entry of the log.
Today Or Sini (Double Bass) and Eyal Nezer (Saxophone) will come to play with the installation for about two hours from 4:30pm to 6pm. Later I’ll stay alone with it.
It is the final week and some curious visits are expected:
Tomorrow, Tuseday, Hadas Ophrat will do a performance especially created for the installation, called “Woodpecker”, and it will happen in the night hours from 9pm to 11pm. Before that (4pm to 8pm) the installation will work normally unless I’ll be tempted to play with it.
On Wednesday Guy Yizhaky will put up a video installation that translates the sound into visuals on the ceiling of the gallery.
On Thursday Yaniv Schonfeld will come to play with the installation and I will probably won’t restrain myself and join him in order to organically flow from it into Wire Tapping that will take place on that evening.
Friday which is the closing day will be relaxed and friendly ~



As promised, here’s the link to a segment from the session with Masha:

Or and Eyal flew for a straight hour with, on and above the installation ~
Here’s a link for a few chosen moments where the installation is more shadowed but Or and Eyal are simply wonderful (thank you!)
Today will be normal and at 9pm will start Wodpecker, a performance by Hadas Ophrat



Apparently something right is happening with this installation: yesterday Hadas performed his performance “Woodpecker” that he created for Womb Tomb and in which he pecked a hole in gallery’s wall for two hours. It was such an exact action for the installation and an impressive sound work. At a certain moment the sound of the pecking inside the gallery was soft and outside it echoed all around the gallery. Hadas reached a hidden window in the outer wall. It took me some time to realize what will be the suitable way to transmit a documentation of it and I’ve decided upon a video that is based on the soundtrack of the happening in the installation. It isn’t ready yet – to the next log entry it will arrive along with a documentation of today’s expected visit of Guy Yizhaky.

Guy will set up a screening on the ceiling of the gallery that constantly and randomly adjusts itself to the installation’s sound. He will reach the gallery from around 5pm to 8pm.



Link to a video abstract of the performance “Woodpecker” by Hadas Ophrat:

It was real beautiful with Guy ~
Here’s a link to a segment: https://vimeo.com/91590965

Today Yaniv Schonfeld will come to make a musical activity on and with the installation with and without me. He’ll start at 4pm with an unlimited by time session of a remake of I am sitting in a room by Alvin Lucier,

Named: I am sitting in a womb

The original text by Alvin Lucier:

I am sitting in a room different from the one you are in now. I am recording the sound of my speaking voice and I am going to play it back into the room again and again until the resonant frequencies of the room reinforce themselves so that any semblance of my speech, with perhaps the exception of rhythm, is destroyed. What you will hear, then, are the natural resonant frequencies of the room articulated by speech. I regard this activity not so much as a demonstration of a physical fact, but more as a way to smooth out any irregularities my speech might have.
My take on the text – not for use at Yaniv’s action, but inspired by it:

I am sitting in a womb same as the one you are in now. I have recorded the sounds of my speaking voice and I am going to play it back into the womb again and again until the resonant frequencies of the womb reinforce themselves so that any semblance of my speech, with perhaps the exception of RHYTHM, is destroyed. What you will hear, then, are the natural resonant frequencies of the womb articulated by speech. I regard this activity not so much as a demonstration of a physical fact, but more as a way to smooth in my personality to disappear in the womb.














11/4/2014 : End

The children of the next door’s kindergarten are on Pass Over holydays so the last day of Tomb Womb was very relaxed and quiet. It seems as though the thing lived for a while and it feels as though that’s what I wanted.
Link to Yaniv’s visit – instead of fragmentizing it, this time I’d put it all in a row: 1 hour, 6 minutes and 44 seconds of “I am sitting in a womb”; from it we moved to an improve session on viola and no input of 36 minutes; and than continued to an improve also with Tome Damsky on a tin foil and Ayala Shamir on cello, I on computer and Yaniv on electronics for another 50 minutes. The evening continued to continue but that is for the Wire Tappers
I am filled with gratitude

Saturday March 22nd 2014, 10:00 pm


Thursday 13.03 at 20:30


Ofer Bymel: Percussion

Adi Snir: Wind instruments

Elad Bardes: Guitar

The event on facebook:

Wire-tappings on facebook:

Sunday March 09th 2014, 10:45 am

New exhibition opening

Friday 14.03, 12:00

Tomb Womb

Musical installation by Ayelet Lerman

Sunday March 09th 2014, 10:29 am